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Enabling professional-level trading success

Where other trading platforms stop, ours is just getting started!

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More than a trading platform

We go beyond simply executing your orders

  • Trading

    Stocks, ETFs, OTC, Margin accounts, Securities lending

  • Journaling

    Capture signals and setups live, Generate powerful reports, Strategy backtesting

  • Gamified learning

    Paper trading, Challenges, Leaderboards, Educational videos, Community

Where we stand out:

  • Real-time analytics & actionable insights

  • Automation of tedious analytical tasks

  • Risk management & emotional controls

  • Conversational & contextual interactions

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    Join the Beta

    Stride helps enhance your trading and boost your profits: sharpen your accuracy, optimize your risk management, and strengthen your discipline.

    If you are an active/day trader in the US market, trading stocks and ETFs, we would love for you to be a part of our beta testing.

Stride has significantly enhanced my risk management strategies. My favorite feature is the anti-spiraling system.

Charles B.

After just a few weeks of beta testing, I have become more disciplined in my trading, thanks to the guardrails Stride provides.

William W.

Journaling has always been a challenge for me, but Stride has made it seamless through its real-time and automated process.

Rob D.

With the assistance of real-time analytics and actionable insights, I've achieved greater consistency, fewer losses, and minimized the impact of those losses.

Patricia J.

I'm already fond of the tool, and I'm eager to explore the gamified learning and challenges. It promises to be both fun and effective.

Jessica S.

Stride has highlighted my weakness (poor accuracy) and has been instrumental in improving my win rate.

Joseph D.

Referring to Stride merely as a trading platform doesn't do it justice; it's much more, offering all the resources that professional traders have at their disposal. It has helped me to remain more emotionally balanced.

Richard J.

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