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Enabling professional-level trading success

Where other trading terminals stop, ours is just getting started!

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More than a trading terminal

  • Trading & Technical Analysis

    Best-in-class charts, indicators, innovative order entry system

  • Live Performance Indicators & Actionable Insights

    Capture catalysts, signals and setups live, real-time journaling & analytics, actionable insights & anti-spiraling systems, powerful reports, NL strategy backtesting

  • Gamified learning

    Paper trading, challenges, leaderboards, educational videos, community

Where we stand out:

  • Unified ecosystem

  • Real-time insights

  • Automation of tedious analytical tasks

  • Risk management & emotional controls

  • Conversational & contextual interactions via AI agents

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    Join the Beta

    Stride helps enhance your trading and boost your profits: sharpen your accuracy, optimize your risk management, and strengthen your discipline.

    If you are an active/day trader in the US market, trading stocks and ETFs, we would love for you to be a part of our beta testing.

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